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A Glittering Tradition

It was around 1945 that Shreedhar Govind Mhapralkar bought space on Dadar’s Ranade Road and suvarnakosh

established SGM Jewellers. Sixty years later, we have taken the legacy forward into the 21st century.

A lot of things have since undergone a change in keeping with the changing times. Initially known for our traditional gold jewellery, we now have counters for diamonds, pearls and other coloured stones, including rubies and emeralds.

Our designs have been adapted to suit our client needs and requirements. The designs and fashion may have changed through the years, but our quality and impeccable customer service remain top-notch.

As the saying goes, the Customer is King, we believe that it is part of our job to provide a customer with the best… in quality, in design and in value. In this ongoing journey we are proud to announce our new section “Tarangan”. Please register to avail information about new products and services.