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Namaskar, We are excited to announce our new scheme " Suvarnakosh", meaning Gold Bank!
In this world of offers and schemes it is a challenge to think and plan a scheme for our customers which is truly unique and beneficial. In the same paradigm i thought about what is valuable to customers, Just one thing was striking to me that nothing is more valuable than Gold! So here we are with Suvarnakosh!
Now how does it work?
All the purchases made at SGM will entitle you to gain reward points, after you reach certain points you will be issued with a Membership to Suvarnakosh with a card having a unique ID. Now this card will allow you to redeem your points in our Bank! Here comes the unique part, what you get out of your points is Gold! You can use these points in your next purchases at SGM as a direct discount or collect gold in exchange of the points or Gift the points to your friends or family…
now this we call as a golden opportunity!! For more details please feel free to call us on 022 24303210.